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What is a smart home?

What is a smart home?

According to a survey conducted by the WHO, the elderly population will grow from 12% to 22% globally from 2015 to 2050. Especially in the USA by 2030, all baby boomers will be 65 and above (U.S. Census Bureau, 2017).

In the world of expensive caretaking services and hospital bills, using technology is the best way to take care of your elderly parents at your convenience.

Which is why you need smart homes. These homes utilize technology to its fullest to help an elderly adult live independently and securely in their own home.

Let's have a look at what a smart home is and how you can turn a regular home into a smart one.

What is a smart home?

In simple terms, smart homes are homes equipped with lighting, heating, and electronic devices which can be controlled by a smartphone or computer.

Also known as home automation, it helps a person to conduct day-to-day activities in the house on their smartphones or even automatically. All you need is IoT ("Internet of Things") enabled home appliances, WiFi, and a smartphone.

However, smart home for the elderly doesn't just rely on a smartphone.

Today, smart homes mostly work on voice commands like "Remind me to take my pills on 9:00 PM", "Call for help", "turn on the lights", etc. thanks to voice assistants like Amazon's Alexa, Google's Assistant, and Apple's Siri.

Here are some of the standard devices you should know about in a smart home.

1) Smart Hub: It works as the brain of a smart home network. The smart hub connects multiple devices to the smartphone, each other, and the internet.

2) Smart Thermostat: It helps to maintain the room temperature and humidity using voice commands. Because older adults typically cannot tolerate extreme temperatures as well as younger people do.

3) Smart Lighting: These IoT-enabled lights can be turned on and off remotely or automatically. It also minimizes potential electrical hazards.

4) Smart Locks and Doorbells: These locks can be operated with smartphones or by voice commands or other means. Some smart locks also open the door by sensing the presence of a nearby smartphone making it even more convenient for a senior person to enter and exit the room.

Smart doorbells are equipped with a camera, which is especially important to keep seniors safe from intruders.

5) Smart Sensors: These allow you to check the daily activities of seniors. Also, it will send you an immediate notification in case of an emergency or detection of other serious problems.

6) Smart Cameras: Smart cameras can be installed both indoors and outdoors.

Outdoor cameras are ideal for detecting intruders and sending a distress signal if intrusion happens.

Indoor cameras with a screen help senior parents to talk with their families and friends using video chat.

7) Wearable Technology: Wearables like a smartwatch can help an elderly parent run a smart home with voice commands without always requiring a smartphone.

Combining all these factors in a smart home make seniors secure and independent in their own home.

How it helps the elderly?

Smart homes have proven to transform the lives of thousands of seniors. With old age comes the potential of a weak body, poor body control, and at last, dependency.

Smart home helps seniors become independent by letting them take care of themselves and of their home.

For an elderly person, a feeling of independence is the best feeling in the world. They crave for a sense of usefulness.

Smart homes also bring them closer to their family, as they can communicate with you whenever they want. Seniors citizens require both physical and emotional support to have a happy life.


Older adults prefer to stay as independent as possible in their own home. Smart home helps them to take care of themselves and improve their quality of living. It also helps you to keep a live track of your elderly parents like their whereabouts, their current health status, and activities so that you can rest assured about their well being.

For all-in-one smart home solutions and daily updates on technology for seniors,


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